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Welcome To The Raise - Invitation User

Here you can find out about The "Raises" and the bonus you get with using our Invitation Codes.  We have set out to make it simple, we invite you to use a service or product and the company running that service rewards us with some sort of compensation.  Then we share that with you, because without you we would not have received it.  

When you use any of our invitations then come here and let us know you did by submitting the form below.  We can then verify that they credited us with the compensation and we will then share that with you.  We do this by crediting you with some "Raises" which can be held in your account to earn more or cashed out right away. Currently withdrawals have not minimum and are sent via money payment apps such as Cash app, Venmo or Paypal.  Many times there is an action that has to be completed (Ex. open account or use the account is some way) for us to get the invitation referral fee.  So we do have to wait until that has been done before we can normally verify.  

The "Raises" that you will receive is based on the compensation we receive.  We will give you approximately 20% of our compensation.  If the compensation is in US Dollars then it will be around 20% of the money if it is points or virtual currency associated with an account we will give the US Dollar equivalent of those points or currency according to our calculations. A "Raise" is currently valued at 1 cent.  So you would get 100 "Raises" for the value of 1 dollar.  Then around 20% more of it will be split up and sent to our list of users according to their balance of "Raises" in their account at that time.  Then we take around 50% of the compensation and put it in an investment fund that part of its returns are then given away each month to the users.  The returns are distributed to all users that have been active on the site within the last year (Just need to login to be considered active). Follow us on or subscribe to this site to make sure you don't miss any opportunity to earn.  Every Time you claim  "Raises" they will be added to your balance after confirmed.  You must register for a free account on to be able to check your balances.

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