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The Cash App - Great For Debit Card Users.

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The Cash App is what is sounds like, an app that you can send money to someone else for free. You can load cash to the app instantly from debit card for free then send instantly to someone else. You can also instantly buy bitcoin within the app with your cash balance. If you do a verification with them you are able to send that bitcoin to others as well. It also comes with a debit card that you can use in retail stores or online for purchases. The debit card also has something they call Instant Boost. These change regularly but they give you instant discounts at certain retailers. You can only have one boost activated at a time so if you use any of the places they offer, you can pick the one you use most. It currently has offers for 15% off all DoorDash Orders, $1 off any coffee shop, 5% off Whole Foods, 10% off Little Caesar's Pizza, $1 Panera and 10% off Chipotle. These are instant so if you buy $10 or Chipotle it will just charge your account $9 because you get the instant boost. You also get a free $5 for signing up though our link so make sure you do that. Go Here to check it out your self.


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