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Raise System

Passive Income Stream

Join the site for free to take advantage of the members area that has many bonus money offers and create a passive income stream that will last.

When you join and you go into your account you will see pages that have offers that you can join and complete and some will have perks that you will receive such as money or gift cards.  Then what most people are looking for are the ones marked with (RAISES).  These offers will give you the chance to receive a "Raise" which are currently worth 1 cent each. After you receive the "Raises" you are eligible to cash them in for cash or gift cards.  We currently send cash via Cash App, Venmo or Paypal.  If you keep the "Raises" in your account then they will grow as more people use the service and site.  You will receive around 20 percent of our compensation we receive for bringing you a product or service is rewarded to you via "Raises".  Another approximately 20 percent is dispersed to the members proportional to their balance of "Raises" in their account.  So if you keep more of a balance you receive more from the additional compensation we receive.  Then about 50 percent of the compensation is stored in an investment account for the company that will pay out monthly revenue from the investments.  This makes your one time referral continue to make you money for as long as you want.  If you cash out your balance then it will not be there for you to continue making money.  You can always add to your balance by using more of our services and invitations to companies.  

You must sign up with a free membership on this site so that you can track your balance of "Raises" and the income they generate.  "Raises" will be awarded to your account after we can verify that the signup or action required was completed and the referred service or product tracked it to us.  Most of the time that just takes a small form you fill out on the site here that verifies your email and information with the service or product company.  We cannot control if the referred company tracks the referrals correctly so if we cannot confirm it with them then we can not credit your account but that does not happen very often.  We discontinue using services if they cannot provide the level of service we desire.   

All users help increase the "Raise" balances for everyone. Also that rate is increased as well by non members using the services as well. This member site works much like a co-op does in the real world where the members use the service and the co-op pays back to the members a portion of the profits.  

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